CGI | Senior UI/UX Designer | 2018 – Present

  • Works closely with clients, users and team members to create compelling and cohesive user interface designs, as well as unified deliverables that adeptly tell the design story relative to the target audience
  • Participate in the design, execution and analysis of user research
  • Professionally provide design leadership and guidance as a mentor within the Human Centered Design team, and across project teams

UpendoDesign | Digital Design & Brand Development | Principal | 2014 – 2018

  • Brand strategy and direction based on a UX focus
  • Discovery meetings, info gathering, research and project management
  • Design, development of strategy and assets for digital marketing campaigns across various industries

Tobii DynaVox Technologies, LLC | Pittsburgh, PA | Front End Designer/Developer | 2010 – 2014 

  • Design and development of UI elements and page designs with a focus on user interaction as well as maximizing conversion goals
  • Lead web designer/front-end developer responsible for the implementation of regular creative content refreshes within the multiple web properties of and
  • Translates .PSD files into high quality XHTML/CSS/JS for web and/or html email

Hillel JUC of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA Contracted Front End Designer/Developer | 2009 – 2017

  • Responsible for design and development of UI assets for the promotion of special events and programs for
  • Responsible for quick turn around of web update requests from various departments

The Savvy Group | Pittsburgh, PA Contracted Front End Designer/Developer | 2008 – Present

  • Creative lead for numerous client projects
  • Responsible for web design/development
    • WordPress
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • XHTML
    • CSS
    • jQuery
    • Eloqua automated marketing
    • Magento CMS
    • Tortoise SVN
    • Twitter Bootstrap framework
    • Shopify E-Commerce

Morehouse College  |  Atlanta, GA                                                                             
Bachelor of Arts, Mixed-Media Design  |  1988 – 1992

Graduated Cum Laude